Over the past few years, the Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation has been able to help dozens of young women by  providing financial assistance to those who ask. The foundation struggles to provide this assistance, yet  we've never turned down a single request.....

I wanted to share this with you because without your love and support I would have never made it though!!!!

So as I sit here thinking about how just 8 years ago I was getting ready to have a mastectomy on the 25th I think about my journey.  We all have been down a different path-and some are still fighting and some are still tiring to figure out life after cancer. I can tell you I thought my journey would have ever ending up the way it did, but feel 10x blessed that it did.

I was diagnosed at 29, I still can tell you were I was going when my Dr. called to tell me. It shocked me to the Core. I was scared.  I thought some day I was going to have to deal with it since so many women in my family have had it. But at the age of 29, I did not  expect at all. My first thought was how in the hell am I going to do this without having health Insurance. I did not know where to  turn who to call or anything.

I called a friend that I worked with at The American Cancer Society, I volunteered there for years. She gave such good advice.  To make a really long story short, it took me two months to finally hear, we have a dr who has implants to donate and he is donating  his time as well. I had the surgery and finding out no other treatment other then tamoxifen for five years. I felt good, I was done it  was over. But little did I know it wasn't. I had to have reconstruction again because the first dr said the allerderm they put in wasn't  fitting right so he could fix it but wanted $7,000 to fix them. I said how in the hell am I going to pay that when I could't pay you the  first time. I went a whole year hiding my breast. Then my oncologist sent me to a different surgeon and with her help I got new implants. They are in no means prefect but whose breast really are.

I have been so blessed along this journey and never really knew it. I was able to have the most handsome boys in my world, I have asked  to share my story to others so they see that hope and miracles really do exist, and I am alive to celebrate betting the cancer that I  thought at one point was going to kill me.

I am proud to say that I am one you these sisters sharing, reading and just being there for a fellow sister.

Thank you for taking the time to read my somewhat of a story and let's all be an inspiration to those and to others.  Happy 8th year of living for myself and to all who are living with me!!!!

Melissa Harvey

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In April 2007, I was diagnosed with stage 3A invasive ductal carcinoma. This was 2 months before my 28th birthday.  As a young woman just starting a family, there was no way we could have prepared ourselves for this kind of change  in our lives, emotionally, physically, and/or financially. But when life gives you lemons you just make lemonade!

Anyway it only took a few weeks after diagnosis and surgery to start accumulating bill after bill after bill. And  as a middle class family with good health insurance there just weren't many breaks, until God led me to the Kristy  Lasch Foundation. I am thankful that the only criteria is that you are under 30, no questions about income were  asked. This was a huge blessing in the middle of one of the biggest storms of my life. The Kristy Lasch Foundation  was a God-send.

I have now been cancer free for about 18 months and counting. There are still a few medical bills left but God is  good. I am just proud to be able to celebrate another Christmas season with my family and friends and to know that  life is worth living!!!!



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I picked up a pamphlet about your foundation last week at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York  right before I was to receive my 7th chemotherapy treatment. When at home, I read about Kristy and her goal of  developingthe Miracle foundation and was astonished to find what similarities our stories share. I was 27 years  old, and two months away from my medical school graduation at the time of my diagnosis. During my recovery from  surgery I began keeping an online journal that I am now seeking to turn into a book about my experience. Also,  like Kristy adopting Miracle the cat, I adopted Nina, a 5-year old cocker spaniel mix from a shelter and she has  proved to be an important companion through my recovery. Overall, I am hoping to find the ‘silver linings’ of this  dreadful experience and to make a positive outcome from my experience with cancer.

While the offers for emotional support have been numerous, I have not encountered anyone yet who can address the  specific challenges of being a woman in her 20’s undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I have gone to a few  meetings of support groups at the hospital and yet often feel alone in trying to come to terms with the practical  realities my diagnosis has created. In the spring, facing 16 weeks of chemotherapy, I made the decision to defer  starting my medical internship – arguably the most rigorous year of medical training – in order to finish my  chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. I am hoping that the remainder of my treatment will be smoother than it has  been thus far and that this year of healing will be a productive one before I am able to start my residency in July 2009.

The financial burdens however, despite being insured, have been tremendous. I survived on my student stipend for  four years but it ran out in May with my graduation. A small loan that I took out to cover residency interviewing  and relocation costs consumed in late April with treatment-related expenses. My parents are only modestly able to  provide assistance because my father is semi-retired and paying college tuition for my younger brother. Office visit  co-pays, prescription costs, over-the-counter medication charges have added up and I am unable to meet them as well  as my very modest living expenses. I have recently succeeded in finding a mentor and sponsor for a research project  that I will pursue involving gynecologic cancers during the upcoming year. However, any assistance that you would  be able to provide towards my treatment-related expenses and the debt it has generated would be a huge relief and  would allow me to focus on recovery and my academic endeavors.

Thank you,


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The very generous grant from your foundation arrived over the weekend and lifted a tremendous weight off my shoulders  (very tired shoulders). I am happy to be able to look forward to the upcoming months of my treatment without having to  worry about how to pay for some of the immense costs that have accumulated since this nightmare began in March.  

I am now working towards helping to find treatments for gynecologic cancers as well as my applications to medical  residency programs and perhaps turning my writings into a book about what it is like to undergo cancer diagnosis and  treatment as a medical student.  

Without having met her, I can tell a lot about your daughter’s character that she aspired to help others affected by  this disease at a young age. This is such a personal experience but is made much easier by being able to speak with  others and know that you are less alone. I hope to be that sounding board and support to others that I encounter.  

I regret that we had to be linked by this horrible disease but am immensely grateful for your generosity, warmth, and support.

All the best,


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I must tell you that even though I haven’t kept in touch, I think of Kristy and the two of you so often.  

I will certainly pick up a copy of the book “The Empty Cup Runneth Over” and if we are still here on the 4th of September  I will attend the book signing. I look forward to reading the book – it will probably make a lovely gift as well.  

I did take time to look at the site and will continue to do so whether we are in Miami or Anderson, SC. It’s a nice site  and I’m going to forward it.  

Take good care of each other – know you will.



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I hope this email finds you well. It was certainly great to hear from you and all the great things that are happening  with the foundation. I would love to go to the book signing and intend on purchasing the book. There isn’t a Friday  that goes by when I am buying my weekly lottery ticket for the “lottery ladies” that I don’t think about helping out  the foundation when we hit it big. Say your prayers!

Take care,


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Thank you for ALL of your prayers and the sweetest letter – B and I both got choked up by your extreme concern on our  behalf. Thank you for honoring and celebrating my girl on Mother’s Day. As B said, how do they go on, and then said –  “I think you and Dad would do the exact same thing if something happened to me”.


Your story about Kris’ journal was so obviously MEANT TO BE. Wow! Kristy’s words are MEANT to go out to others. What  a disguised blessing especially for you and your husband. I can’t even imagine how emotional reading her exact inner  thoughts at her worst times must have been for you.

Love, lots of it, to you


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Thank you so much for the generous check to help pay for my continuing medical bills. I am so humbled to be a recipient  of funds donated to your daughter’s miracle foundation. Your financial help has been a miracle to me & my family and I  am so grateful. Thank you again for your help & for standing with me as I seek to beat this horrible disease.  

I will never give up.

God bless,


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I wanted to encourage you TODAY as I made a note that your biggest fundraiser in memory of your dear daughter, Kristy,  is TODAY… a heartfelt prayer has been made that loads of funds will come in so that your “miracle” foundation can help  others just like you helped B. We will never forget both your tangible help AND your personal advice as we went through  a living hell.

With great respect,


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I cried when I read your daughter’s story online. My mom had told me about her and all she accomplished while battling  cancer, but I had yet to read her story for myself. Thank you for sharing it on the website and thank you for creating  a foundation in her memory to help young women like myself with breast cancer.  

Praise the Lord, I finished up my last chemotherapy treatment in March (2008) and I continue to take the Tamoxifen pill  everyday for the next 4 years. I still have regular mammograms, ultrasounds, MRI’s and physical exams. My next MRI is  coming up in a few weeks – we pray that all remains clear.  

I wanted to thank you again for the financial help you provided to me in the past. Thank you for your kind consideration, B.A.    I can’t begin to express my gratitude for both the monetary and emotional support you’ve given me and my family. We are  forever grateful. Thank you both so, so much.



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When Mr. Lasch answered the phone this afternoon, I knew I was talking to a special man. His kind voice listened to what  I had to say and offered much support. As a young breast cancer survivor, I have felt very supported, but never understood.  Today I finally felt like someone knew how it felt to have a young life affected in such a traumatic way.  

I am a leader by nature, and want to someday make an impact on other young breast cancer survivors. The strength that you  show is inspirable.  

Whether you choose to help me or not, I want you to know that just by answering the phone you helped me. You helped me feel  understood, and gave me strength to fight. To fight for not only myself, but for Kristy and many others that have fought hard.  

A little about my situation. I am 27, post surgery, going through chemo, and have radiation in my future. I have a 3 year  old son, work full time, and am trying my best to stay afloat during this hard economical time. I am also getting married  July 23, bald head and all!  

I believe everything happens for a reason. There is a reason I have to fight, there is a reason you were forced to be strong,  and I hope to be able to support "Miracle" someday.  

Thank you sincerely for all you do for the fighters out there. You are truly a "Miracle".

Best wishes,


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We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere feelings of appreciation for the financial support we received  from your organization. Since the dreaded diagnosis back in August, we suddenly found ourselves in a situation of financial  instability due to the endless medical-related expenses. By this act of true kindness and by showing that Kristy Lasch Miracle  Foundation really does care, your support was not only a financial one but an emotional one too. We thank you very much with  all our hearts and wish you a future of much blessing and success.


M & W

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When I first learned that I had breast cancer, one of my first thoughts was that I'm 26 years old... how am I going to pay for this?  I thank God for angels like the Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation, helping me to move forward in life.

Your generous donation has helped me move towards the goal of paying off $10,000 in medical debt this year. As a single mother and caregiver for my younger sibling, I appreciate your blessing!


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Words can not adequately express the gratitude I felt when I received your check in the mail. It came at a time when my family and I needed it most. Thank you for all you do to help breast cancer patients; I know you will be blessed for all the good that you do and  for all the people that you help. Thank you so much!  God bless you!


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Words cannot express how thankful and appreciative I am of the financial assistance you have provided for me. I am so sorry Kristy had to lose her fight against something she fought so hard to beat. When I was younger and thought of myself as an adult, I thought I would be married with a family by age 28; breast cancer was not part of my vision. Well, God had a different plan for me. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I have remained positive because "I win"! As I write this note I have 5 rounds of chemo left then radiation in January. My journey has had highs and lows. It is comforting to know I'm not alone; I have lots of supporters. It means the world to me. I have become a stronger person throughout everything. When I complete my treatments I want to start something to help bring awareness and reality to more young women. Your foundation is an inspiration to me! I also really want to fight to lower the mammogram age from 40 to a lower age. I would not want my worst enemy to have to go through the cancer journey. If the lowering of the mammogram age would catch 5 to 10 more cases early, that may be 5 to 10 less losses. I want to call my organization "I Dont Like to Lose". Once again, thank you for your generosity!

Promising never to quit,


In Memory of
Kristy Leigh Lasch
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